Liftstream Ltd

Liftstream provides executive search services and interim management resource to businesses operating in the area of life sciences.
The life sciences market demands the very highest professional capability and acumen in the people it employs, from scientific functions oriented towards research, discovery and development of transformational bioscience and medical technologies, through to their commercialisation.
Liftstream’s executive search recruitment practice brings together unparalleled levels of market research, people engagement and deep client understanding to recruit and employ the right people for the life science clients we represent.
Executive Search in Life Sciences
Interim management is a growing feature of the life sciences sector as it offers access to the very specific skills and experience demanded by particular projects or company strategies. Liftstream offers highly selected interim management professionals from the management and executive levels of life sciences, across most central functions.
Interim Management in Life Sciences
Bringing compatible people together in an environment and culture from which they can mutually benefit and develop remains the primary function of Liftstream. At Liftstream we believe individuality makes our role all that more vital and so we've engendered a culture where relationships are of primary importance and people's unique career or recruitment requirements are the centre of our focus across the respective areas of life sciences.

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recruitment, executive search, interim management
Mr Karl Simpson
Chief Executive Officer